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Scratch and Win Online

If you can't go to a store or if you prefer digital gaming, do not fear, Lottomatica has also thought of you. On Lottomatica you can also play Scratch and Win from home or on the go and play your favorite Scratch and Win tickets in an online version thanks to the smartphone App or via your PC.

Scratch tickets online: how do they work

Scratch cards are grouped into different game categories, as "The news", "To begin with" or "Most popular", in order to help you find the one that suits you best.
A further division is that by price range: there are several cuts, starting from scratch cards from € 0.50 per game and up to € 20. As well as with traditional ones, even with online scratch cards you often win: 1 ticket each 3,36 is winning, and each one can get you more cash prizes, up to a maximum of € 2,000,000.

Win 10eLotto online: chance, collection and premiums

If you want to test your chances of winning at 10eLotto online, you can check each 5 minutes the winning numbers, also checking previous extractions within the archive of extractions.
The collection of winnings varies according to the amount won and according to the game mode: Winnings of an amount equal to or less than € 10,500.00 are credited directly to the gaming account while for winnings of an amount greater than € 10,500.00 it is necessary to make a personal request for collection of the winnings at any branch of Intesa Sanpaolo or directly at the Lottomatica SpA Awards Office.
Moreover, there is also the new My10elotto graphic display that makes the drawing of numbers even more captivating and interactive. How to find out that you have won at 10eLotto? Every 5 minutes Lottomatica makes available to players i 20 winning numbers, of which 2 defined Gold Number and Double Gold which must be compared with those played.
The Lottomatica 10eLotto game is very successful, because it allows you to make bets in a personalized way: it's possible, indeed, add winning options with which to receive advantageous 10eLotto prizes and choose the type of draw that best suits you and your comfort.


Within the section "Profile / Personal Data" find all your data entered during registration and you have the possibility to modify all the information on the contract that you find online.You can also modify,the Mail, the Password and the Code Pin.You will not be able to change the information regarding your personal data (Name, Surname, date of birth and gender), in that case you can call ours Contact Center, free from landline to the number 800.900.009, for a fee from the mobile network to the number 06.2929 (the cost of the service respects the tariff plan defined with your telephone operator).

Methods of payment of the Italian Lottery prizes 2019

Once the player has verified that he is in possession of the ticket whose figures correspond to the winning ones, you should make sure that this is in good condition; otherwise it may not be considered valid.

At this point, the gaming account holder must personally make a payment request by going to:

  • Prize Office of Lotterie Nazionali Srl in Viale del Campo Boario 56 / D, 00154 Roma;
  • Intesa San Paolo branch closest to which will send the documents to the Lottery Office itself;

It is also essential that you have the following documentation:

  • Game reminder print (recoverable from your gaming account);
  • Valid identity document of the gaming account holder;
  • Tax code of the gaming account holder;
  • IBAN code of the account held by the holder of the gaming account, on which the winnings can be credited.

The owner of a winning ticket will then be able to indicate how he prefers to receive the prize, if by bank draft, bank or postal transfer.

The gaming account holder can otherwise choose to send a registered letter with return receipt to the Awards Office in Rome, assuming responsibility if this registered letter does not arrive at its destination. In this case it is necessary to specify in writing the preferred method for collecting the amount won and the necessary personal data.
The request for payment of the winnings must be submitted within 180 days following the publication of the Official Winnings Bulletin on the website, obtained by drawing the Italy Lottery 2019 the 6 January.

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