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Millions of Dolores McNamara

Dolores was born in 1960 year in Blackpool on the west coast of Great Britain, where Irish emigrants have long settled. When she was 14 years old, the McNamara family returned to Ireland. There she met her future husband Adrian., the wedding was played in 1978 year. The couple had six children - three sons and three daughters. Adrian worked at a construction site, and Dolores got a job at a pharmaceutical factory. There was almost always a lack of money, and in 2005 Adrian had health problems and Dolores was left the only earner. After changing her job in a factory to a job as a cleaner in the youth center of Limerick, she started playing the lottery

31 july 2005 Dolores was lucky - she won 115 миллионов евро!

McNamara decided to take all the money at once (lottery winnings in Ireland are tax-free) and her life changed instantly., these changes were not entirely pleasant. Priest Joe Young from Limerick hastened to warn Dolores about, that she "has no future" and demanded, for her to spend all her money on charity. At one point, becoming a rich woman discovered, what became also known, and literally all over Europe.

Requests to share money fell in the thousands, the Limerick postal service delivered her letters three times a day. On some envelopes, the senders did not even indicate the exact address, it was enough to write - “Dolores McNamara, Limerick », and the letter reached the addressee, because in Ireland everyone knew her now. Journalists staged surveillance, watching her wherever she appears and trying to get an interview, but without success - she met with reporters only once

Asking for help was not always polite, and after some time, threats of kidnapping forced the McNamara family to leave Ireland. Nobody managed to track her down - Dolores acted very wisely, not spending money on luxury mansions, cars and yachts, but simply putting them in the bank without the right to use for six months. Only after her return did Dolores buy a beautiful house in County Clare worth 1,7 миллионов евро.

Need to say, that now her house lives up to the old English proverb - My house is my castle. Three-stage protection system, high fence around the estate and a team of 28 bodyguards, professionals in their field, for, to make the family feel completely safe.

Dolores bought real estate for her older children with no less level of protection, and each family member received a special keychain, who could send an alarm in the event of an attack or attempted kidnapping.

Where does the winner invest the rest of the money, known only to her financier Eddie Hobbs.

When in November 2012 of the year, seven years after the victory, Dolores McNamara appeared at a charity ball in Dublin, everyone noticed, that she does not wear fabulously expensive jewelry, and her style is simple - and at the same time refined elegance. Yes, after winning her life moved to a qualitatively new level. But Dolores escaped the "star" disease and the desire to buy expensive toys, as well as other ways to waste money. And Mrs McNamara donated so much to charity, how much is needed - not the entire amount, as some "well-wishers" insisted.

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