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Авиабилеты из аммана в иорданию от 2 934₽


As for the attractions, then everyone wants to see the ancient city of Petra lost in the red rocks, which has at least 2 thousands years. You can spend a whole day on Petra, and this will not be enough. Prepare for a merchant attack, owners of donkeys and all kinds “helping”.

You can get to Petra by minibus from Aqaba to Wadi Musa (village at the foot of Petra), ticket costs € 6 one way. It is more convenient to hire a taxi for the whole day - negotiate with the driver, who will wait until evening. Issue price - € 90 per car (you can cooperate with other tourists).

The cost of visiting Petra is inhumane - € 65 per day (two days - 70 €, three days - € 75; convenient for those, who decided to spend the night in the desert, to see the night Petra in candlelight). But this wonder of the world is worth the money spent. Be sure to spend the night in the Wadi Rum desert - “branch of Mars” on the ground. Overnight stay in the desert in a Bedouin tent costs from € 16 per night with breakfast.

Main excursions

Desert Wadi Rum

Desert Wadi Rum, known as "moon road", located in the south of the country, at 2,5 hours drive from Aqaba and 4 hours drive from the Red Sea. These are the same, red martian views! What films have not been filmed here: "Star Wars", Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, "Transformers", "Red Planet", "Prometheus", and many, many others.

Tours are organized as day trips, and for a few days - with a stop in the best hotels. Pondering a two day excursion, it is worth remembering about the strong temperature drops in the desert. In summer, the temperature rises to +48 ° C, and at night - drops to zero and below. At other times, the temperature during the day is very pleasant.: +24 … +28 ° C.


Petra is one of those places, which is better to see once, than to read a hundred descriptions and see a thousand photos. It rises on 900 meters above sea level, and here it is truly breathtaking and beautiful, and from the thin mountain air. Near 2000 years ago there was the capital of the ancient Nabataean kingdom, the capital - carved right into the purple rocks.

The path to the valley of the city stretches through the narrow Siq canyon, from him to Petra to stomp about 45 minutes. In the center, the canyon expands, and a majestic panorama of the ancient city floats before us. Most of all, the eye is attracted by the pearl of Petra - the temple of Al-Khazne (locals call it "The Treasury of the Pharaoh"). Following further along the route, you can see the perfectly preserved ruins of ancient buildings, eg, amphitheater, designed for 7000 зрителей, etc.

Aqaba Jordan

Aqaba is a relatively young resort, which can be found on the coast of the red sea, more precisely in the bay, which is also called Aqaba in the northernmost part of the country, which is 330 kilometers from the capital. This resort began to develop very actively all the years 10 back and continues to do so until now.


Because of, that there are mountains, the climate in this part of the country is different, which allows you to swim and sunbathe throughout the entire calendar year, and an additional incentive can be considered the crystal clear water on the coast of this place. In winter, water does not cool below 22 degrees with a plus sign. On the other hand, there is no sultry heat here, even in the hottest summer months.

Aqaba can be reached from Amman by ground transport in the form of minibuses, a private carrier called Trust, and the municipal Jett. You can get around the city by minibuses, but there are no stops as such, all of them are practically on demand, that is to stop, you need to warn the driver in advance, but to leave, also have to try, raise your hand to a minimum and vote.

Beaches in Aqaba

Most of the beaches in Aqaba are owned by hotels, you can get on them, but for a fee. There are also free beaches. In Aqaba there are both sandy in the northern part, and pebble and even rocky beaches in the southern part of this Jordanian settlement. Almost the entire coast of Aqaba is literally dotted with hotels of various classes and levels., eat like one-star, reminiscent of our hotels, which were built during the Soviet era , so very fashionable with five stars.

With self-booking, the cost of living one night in Aqaba will cost from 1500 to 8000 rubles in equivalent. The most expensive area, which is considered a separate resort town called Tala Bay, located 9 kilometers from the central part of the city. Every hotel, which has a rank of five stars, tries to attract tourists with various bonuses, many of them try to do it the old proven way, thanks to local and European cuisine. At the Radisson Hotel, for example, there is a special terrace, which allows you to watch sunsets.

Aqaba attractions

What to see from the sights. Firstly, the remains of an old fortress, which is located right on the central city embankment. Secondly, you can see the process of archaeological excavations, which have been going on for years on the hill, which is called Tell al Khalifa. Besides, the city has an oceanarium and a museum of antiquity and life.

Weather in Aqaba in December

Generally, the weather in Aqaba in December is essentially the same, as in neighboring Egypt. Water 23-24 degrees, air 20-25 during the day and around 15 at night. The climate of Aqaba is formed by the Red Sea, which does not cool down even in winter (the water in it never goes lower 20 degrees even in February) and covering mountains from the mainland. Therefore, you can swim and dive there all year round., although the air in the winter months is cool and the constantly blowing piercing north wind somewhat darkens the winter red sea diving. Well, for those who want to just sunbathe - the very thing! Climate becomes more severe with distance from the sea. The air at night in the desert cools to zero, and in the mountains in winter there are negative temperatures and, even, snow may fall. This is definitely worth considering., planning trips to Petra or the Wadi Rum desert during the winter months. Truly warm clothes are absolutely essential.. :bandit:

Kind of 3 country: Egypt, Israel, Jordan

Food and alcohol prices

Despite, that Jordan is a Muslim country, you can buy alcohol here, but not everywhere. Most stores, selling wine, strong alcohol and beer, located in neighborhoods with a large Christian community.

As for food prices, then they are higher here, than in Russia: affected by expensive imports and the almost complete absence of their own agriculture due to the unfavorable climate.

Food cost

Average prices in supermarkets in the capital - Amman and Irbida, the second most populous city in the country, following (in dinars):

  • Milk - 1,5
  • Bread - 0,7-1
  • Beef - 6
  • Lamb - 8
  • Fish - dorado by 5, trout - by 13
  • All fruits - 1,3 – 1,5

Wine, strong alcoholic drinks

Alcohol in Jordan is very expensive, which is caused by high import duties (in dinars):

  • Wine - from 15 per bottle
  • Imported whiskey (their production is not bottled) - from 12
  • Anise vodka (vodka) – 12-15 for 0,75

Prices in shops and shopping centers

Jordan can hardly be called a country of unbridled shopping: prices are quite high, and only shopping centers in the capital, Amman, correspond to the international level. But there are many small shops, selling authentic souvenirs.


Jordanian ceramics and copper dishes are very popular with tourists.. It is made, for the most part, handicraft way. Looks very original, but you will hardly use it for its intended purpose, but as a souvenir it is quite suitable: from 3 dinar for a plate or small mug.


Local laws prohibit the export of items older than 100 years old, however, it's hard to break. Most of the seemingly interesting things are just imitation. This is quite logical: who wants to mess with the law? The cost of such souvenirs is from 1,5 dinars

If the thing is really of a certain interest, pay attention to the amount of the check - it immediately grows into 8-10 time


But with jewelry, state control plays into the hands of tourists. It is almost impossible to find counterfeit or low quality gold here., only the highest standard: counterfeiting is instantly punishable by prison.

Shoes and clothing

Clothing prices in Jordan are mostly acceptable. Tourists "say thank you" to the factories of European brands located in this country, of which there are not many. Mostly sports shoes and clothing are produced here.

Average prices in clothing stores (in dinars):

  • Branded jeans - from 50
  • Women's dresses (European) - from 45
  • Sneakers - 60-65
  • Men's leather boots - 70

You can also buy national Jordanian women's clothing - attractive models are made of high-quality fabrics, and their cost starts from 80-90 dinar.

Souvenirs and gifts

Like any Arab country, Jordan has wonderful dates to offer its guests (from 3 dinar) and extraordinary sand paintings in a bottle (from 2). Also in demand:

  • Healing mud, dead sea salt. Better to buy in specialized stores, so as not to lose the quality. Prices - from 5 dinar.
  • Hookahs. The cost starts from 10 dinar, cheaper, sweep away immediately: chinese fake.
  • Desserts and sweets. Nuts in honey, pahlava, molasses soaked thin sheets of dough, rolled into fancy curls with grated almonds and even spices - all this for the delight of the sweet tooth. From 10 dinars per kilogram.

Weather, climate, temperature by months in Jordan

Season Fall Winter Spring Summer
Month Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug year
Record maximum °C 38 35 31 27 23 27 29 36 39 39 41 41 41
Average maximum °C 30 26 19 14 12 13 17 22 27 30 31 31 23
average temperature °C 25 22 16 11 10 10 13 18 22 25 27 27 19
Average minimum °C 18 15 10 6 4 5 7 11 14 18 20 20 13
Record minimum °C 10 5 -3 -3 -4 -2 2 5 8 12 12 -4
Rain Days 3 7 10 11 11 9 4 2 57
Snow Days 1 1
Fog Days 7 7 7 12 12 9 10 6 5 4 6 8 92
Storm Days 1 1 1 1 1 5
Rainfall Mm. 5 27 50 62 59 46 14 2 265
Air humidity % 54 55 63 73 74 69 64 50 45 45 45 49 57
Humidity in the morning % 71 69 72 81 81 78 75 65 58 59 62 68 70
Humidity in the evening % 37 40 49 62 62 56 51 39 33 32 35 37 44
Wind speed Km / h 14 12 14 15 15 17 16 16 16 16 15 14 15
Length of the day Hours 13 12 11 11 11 12 12 13 14 15 15 14 13
Dew point °C 12 9 5 4 2 2 3 5 6 9 12 13 81
Sum of active temperatures °C 459 372 190 55 40 47 105 235 376 453 517 521 3370
Solar radiation Mj/m2 21 16 11 9 10 12 17 22 26 28 28 25 19

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Holiday seasons in 2020 year

Jordan can be visited any time of the year. Tourists come to the resorts of the Dead Sea all year round. Aqaba Resort welcomes guests throughout the year. During the coldest winter months, the sea temperature does not drop below +20 °C, the air in autumn and winter warms up to + 23-25 ​​° C. It might be cool in the desert, at the historical sites of the country. Tourists should stock up on warm clothing for excursions during the winter months.

High season

In summer, the price of tours to Jordan is quite high. However, in June-August, the air temperature is kept at around + 34-35 ° C. For people, poorly tolerant of heat, the best time to travel to this country is spring and autumn. At this time the weather is sunny, comfortable air and sea water temperature. Excursions during the New Year period are very popular, Christmas holidays.

Low season

Low season is from December to March. It often rains these months, which does not allow you to fully enjoy your vacation. Since the cost of tours to this country is high, pilgrims come here in low season, lovers of cultural, historical landmarks. This makes it possible to save costs, take interesting excursions, see unique objects. The low season is also the summer months., when there is unbearable heat in the resorts.

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